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Top locking slats with patented pending locking strip.

Bottom locking slats with locking channel.

SlatSource® Top and Bottom Locking Chain Link Fence Slats

Our family of high-quality, durable chain link fence slats add color, wind protection and privacy to chain link fencing. They accentuate very nicely the tough, rugged chain link mesh and add significantly to the appearance of your fence application.

Top Locking Slats feature a new, patent pending, self-locking system. Simply insert the slats vertically from top to bottom, keeping the locking holes on top. Then thread the flexible locking channel horizontally through the notched holes in the slats.

Bottom Locking Slats feature a locking channel that is inserted horizontally through the bottom of the fence. You then simply slide the slats vertically from the top towards the bottom channel and the slats lock automatically in place.

There simply is no better combination than PrivacyLink® chain link fence and SlatSource® Top and Bottom Locking chain link fence slats.

Our chain link fence slats ship quickly and promptly from our east or west coast warehouses. Many of them same day..